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bob电子游戏:How Much Do You Know About Christmas?

时间:2017-01-10 10:39:39   作者:陈亚男  来源:陕西师范大学万科中学  点击:

    Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th in many countries around the world. Now many Chinese, especially young people, also celebrate Christmas. But do you know why people celebrate Christmas and how they celebrate it in western countries?
    Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the son of God. But December 25th is not the birthday of Jesus. No one knows when Jesus was born exactly. Many homes have Christmas trees and other decorations for weeks. For people in many western countries, Christmas is a festival as important for them as Spring Festival for Chinese.  People celebrate Christmas in many ways, such as having Christmas parties, exchanging gifts, singing Christmas songs and having family reunions. Children can get many presents from their family, friends and Santa Claus.
    Santa Claus is a popular character related to Christmas. He is also known as Father Christmas. He drives a sleigh driven by twelve reindeers to send gifts to the children all over the world. It is said that he would climb into the house through chimney to put the gifts in socks.  
    Did you get any presents on Christmas? What gift is your favorite?